About Us

Founded in June 2015 by Sean Kelly & the late Julian Gallery, Coast 2 Coast Digital Ltd (formerly Talk Productions Ltd) has operated several radio station services including the original SEAGULL FM project, as well as WTOR HD, Torbay’s Big T, Power 101 & Golden Oldies Hit Radio, all broadcast in fantastic sounding HD Audio from our state-of-the-art digital audio delivery systems, with many, loyal listeners both here in the UK, as well as world-wide.

In 2016, Jay Manley & Annie J joined the team, bringing with them considerable additional expertise to the project. Jay Manley has worked with Sean Kelly within the music, entertainment & music industries since 1990, whilst Annie J was formerly a dancer, choreographer and has a vast knowledge of music production.

Sean Kelly is a leading figure within radio broadcasting, & renowned for utilising the very latest digital technologies in broadcasting & audio processing, the quality of our broadcast audio speaks for itself, especially when listened to on high end hi-fi equipment.

We aim to bring great live shows with a huge variety of musical styles, from a team of dedicated presenters that offer up a small amount of their time each week to entertain you, the listener.

Our studio & tech headquarters are based in Exeter (UK). We have an increasing number of remote studios, & many of the shows are also delivered live & direct from individual presenter’s Home Studios via Coast 2 Coast Digital Ltd, the company that provides all the clever tech stuff.

We previously applied in 2017 under the original Seagull FM project for the Community Radio Licence for Torbay, with a plan to provide a great station to the communities of Torbay and surrounding areas, which would have allowed the local audience to have greater access and input to locally produced shows, as we felt that we wouldn’t have achieved the same level of ‘local-ism’ if we had applied for the commercial FM licence held by ‘The Breeze, Torbay’.

Unfortunately, we weren't awarded the Torbay Community Radio FM licence, and withdrew from the original Seagull FM project. However, Coast 2 Coast Digital Ltd continues to investigate DAB, HD Radio and the now famous 'Amazon DOT', with several new radio projects in the pipeline!!

Stay tuned for an exciting new station from Coast 2 Coast Digital, launching very soon!!